Business Routers

With VoIP Support

• Autoconfiguration
• TR 069, DHCP
• IPSec
• Measuring the parameters of subscriber line
• Office PBX VAS, internal communication
• Redundancy of the data channel
• Over 3G/4G

Access VoIP Gateways

• Office PBX functionality
• High-quality sound
• Current and voltage port protection
• Measurement of subscriber line physical parameters

Trunk Gateways

• High density of ports
• Low power consumption
• TDM to IP converting
• IP PBX features
• Flexible call processing rules


  • Call center
  • Teleconference
  • Support for multi domain
  • Autoprovision of subscriber devices
  • Functionality of private branch exchange, rural, city, trunk line, combined and international telephone exchanges, emergency call service node
  • Support for Cisco, Grandstream , Yealink, Fanvil , Siemens, Avaya and other vendors phones